Warranty Features

A transferable, limited warranty with towing and roadside assistance – and no deductible
See Owner’s Warranty Information booklet for more details.

Protection Plans

FCCC Customer Protection Plans give you the option to extend your original factory chassis warranty beyond the basic warranty of your vehicle.

The Plan allows you to pick and choose the best package or packages that suit your needs. And the best part of the Customer Protection Plan is that it’s the same factory warranty, backed by FCCC, with no preauthorization or deductible required.

Complete Basic Chassis - Less Drivetrain

This Plan covers the entire chassis as delivered by FCCC with the exception of the engine, transmission, axles, tires and body, which have their own separate warranties.

Front and Rear Axle

This Plan covers front axle beams, spindles, kingpins and kingpin bearings, drive axle differential assembly and all internal lubricated parts, axle shafts and axle housings.

Towing and Roadside Assistance

This plan covers up to $550 USD (or Canadian equivalent) maximum charge per occurrence for towing or roadside assistance due to a component breakdown that prevents the safe and lawful operation of the vehicle.

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Plan a Build

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