Gas Chassis

Cost-effective solution for customers who operate at GVWs of 23K or lower.

As part of our pledge to help you consistently deliver more profit, our gasoline-powered chassis is available on either the MT-45 or MT-55 models. It’s a powerful performer, ready to take on large cargo and heavy duty loads.

Pro Performance

More horsepower, more torque – and up to 6% more efficient than the competition

The GM 6.6L gasoline engine features Direct Injection Technology that injects fuel only where it is needed — directly into the combustion chamber — promoting precise fuel control, combustion and efficiency. These engines are supported and maintained through the nationwide Freightliner dealer network. Most importantly, with 24/7 factory support, you can count on maximum uptime.

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A state-of-the-art Allison® six-speed transmission sets the standard for exceptional performance and fuel economy.

Electronic controls provide smooth shifting for exceptional performance and fuel economy, and automatic shifting is self-adjustable for smooth shifts during climbs, descents and virtually any road condition. Available park pawls in the 1000 and 2200 models can hold the full vehicle weight, providing extra security when parking the vehicle.

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Safety First

Hands on. Heads up.

Driver safety is crucial, especially when your business
relies on pickup and delivery.

An MT walk-in van offers increased safety over a box truck
in several ways.

Premium Driving Experience

Keep your drivers engaged, energetic and comfortable all day long.

Infinitely adjustable tilt-and-telescoping steering column provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for drivers of all shapes and sizes.

The MT chassis offers a tight turning radius. Enhanced maneuverability means you’ll be able to better negotiate your way through narrow city streets and alleys.

All MT chassis come with a standard multiplex wiring instrument cluster and message center with full feature electronic gauge cluster. The vehicle information display monitors engine and transmission diagnostics and 30 separate chassis functions.

Maximum Uptime

With 24/7 Direct, we provide around-the-clock technical support for the life of the vehicle – not just the warranty period. Plus, FCCC owners have access to the largest, most comprehensive service network in the industry.

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