Deliver More Profit

Born To Work

FCCC is dedicated to providing specialized chassis that are customized for the unique demands of your business.

Unlimited Configurations

Whether you need an interior with shelving and storage units, on-the-job workspace, retail displays or more, our chassis is built to accommodate.

Large Cargo Capacity

With large volume and higher GVW, our commercial-grade chassis gives you the freedom to kick up your cargo load and efficiently handle higher weights.

Driver Comfort & Safety

A commercial walk-in van provides the very best driving and delivery experience, period. From ride and handling to easy curbside entry, this is a driver’s top choice.

Higher Efficiency

A stand-up cab with cargo access, curbside exit, and low-step entrance saves valuable time in high-frequency stops. Save time. Save money.

Pick Your Power

No matter what fuel drives you, FCCC is committed to delivering a chassis with unrivaled performance and automotive like usability. Whatever you choose, our chassis accommodates virtually any box configuration, meeting the needs of a wide range of applications.

Find a Dealer

Access the industry’s largest service network of 450+ locations. Learn more and find a servicing dealer near you.

Plan a Build

Share your walk-in van needs and an expert from our team will connect to find the right custom solution for your application.