Front Suspension

Front Suspension

FCCC’s flat-leaf with front sway bar or taper-leaf spring front suspensions, rated up to 10,000 lb., provide a solid, smooth ride.

Front Suspensions

Flat-leaf spring 5,790 – 7,500 lb.
Taper-leaf spring 7,000 – 10,000 lb.


S2G Detroit Front Axles

DetroitTM Front Axles

8,000 – 12,000 lbs.

For over 70 years, Detroit Diesel Corporation has developed a legacy of reliability and efficient performance. These qualities have been transferred to steer and drive axles, the components that shoulder your load day in and day out. Detroit axles combine advanced design features and state of the art manufacturing processes and are designed specifically for FCCC chassis.

For the tightest turning radius and maximum maneuverability, the unique design of the Detroit steer axles’ I-beam and tie rod arm offer up to a 55-degree wheel cut. And by using needle bearings that roll against the kingpin instead of bushings that rub, they increase durability while reducing maintenance needs.


Daimler Heritage


As part of the family of companies founded by Gottlieb Daimler, we share the heritage and engineering excellence of Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz, leveraging expertise in heavy-duty durability and precision performance to create world-class chassis.

Owner Support


With 24/7 Direct, we provide around-the-clock technical support for the life of the vehicle – not just the warranty period. Plus, FCCC owners have access to the largest, most comprehensive service network in the industry.



A walk-in van powered by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation offers increased productivity, better safety and proven fuel economy. It’s all about delivering more profit with the best walk-in van chassis on the road today.

Build My Van

Build My Van

Ready to order a custom walk-in van for your business?

Additional Features/Safety


Driver safety is crucial, especially when your business relies on pickup and delivery. See the safety benefits a walk-in van offers your drivers.

Suspension Components


Premium chassis start with premium components. FCCC builds with only the best brakes, shocks and tires.




Keep your drivers engaged, energetic and comfortable all day long.


Rear Suspension


Minimize cargo shifts on uneven road surfaces with flat- or spring-leaf suspension, or for greater comfort and protection for the load, take a look at our exclusive Airliner® Air Ride suspension.