S2G Overview



Each chassis we build is customized to the manufacturer and model specifications so they can deliver the features and styling they envision – that’s why we call ourselves Freightliner Custom Chassis. Your vehicle may come equipped with any combination of the options below, but no matter which FCCC chassis you buy, you can rest assured that our dedication to superior craftsmanship, the finest components and outstanding owner care will keep you on the road for years to come.

Infinite Support


Freightliner Custom Chassis is the only chassis builder to offer around-the-clock toll-free support directly from the manufacturer. Designed for unsurpassed peace of mind, 24/7 Direct gives you access to trained Freightliner personnel with an average of 19 years’ experience. If for some reason your phone drops the call, or you hang up, a technician will call you back by the end of the day. In many cases, if you’re willing to try a few things, our technicians can get you back on the road. If not, they’ll send out a technician who can.

From general support to technical inquiries or breakdown assistance, our friendly phone support team is ready for anything – and can even arrange for roadside assistance, should it be necessary. Simply call 1-800-FTL-HELP.

FCCC also offers the largest, most comprehensive service network in the industry, with 450+ Freightliner-branded service locations throughout North America. To locate a service center, click here.

For easier access to the breadth of 24/7 resources, we also offer a 24/7 Direct app for iPhone, Android and Windows devices. The reimagined app featuring OwnerHQ helps you locate service dealers, provide feedback on service experiences, store and share maintenance logs, and access service checklists, owner and maintenance manuals, dash light descriptions, FAQs and more. And of course, our factory-direct phone support is always just a click away.


Download Your Manual


Are you a new owner of an FCCC WIV chassis? Find your owner’s manual here.

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • 55-degree wheel cut
  • Torsion bar-assisted hood for easy opening with minimal force
  • Three-piece steel bumper
  • Composite headlamps with brighter beam pattern
  • Integral turn signals
  • Interlock wiring and body builder interface connections, which eliminate the need to splice into chassis wiring

Gas Power


6.0 liter vortec

As part of our pledge to help you consistently deliver more profit, our gasoline-powered chassis is available on either the MT-45 or MT-55 models. It’s a powerful performer, ready to take on large cargo and heavy-duty loads.

General Motors® V8 6.0L 308HP 367 lb.-ft. torque

TRW Infinitely Adjustable Steering Column

TRW Infinitely Adjustable
Steering Column


Infinitely adjustable tilt-and-telescoping steering column provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for drivers of all shapes and sizes.

LCD Instrument Cluster

LCD Instrument Cluster

optional – available on select coaches

The industry’s first complete LCD instrument cluster—bringing contemporary automotive styling to the RV industry. Influenced by the research and design of Mercedes, part of Daimler group, to meet the expectations of the luxury automotive driver.

  • Improved interface with steering wheel controls
  • Easier to read with anti-glare display, bright graphics, and clear fonts, colors and menu structure
  • New features include cruise speed, distance to empty and fuel economy readings

LCD Information Center

LCD Information Center


  • Trip Computer
  • Real Time Clock
  • Odometer and Trip Odometers
  • Engine and Chassis Parameters
  • Alarms and Warning Messages
  • Diagnostics
  • Pre-Trip Checklist

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank

  • Right-hand mounted LPG fuel tank
  • 16”x97” tank holds 60 gallons
  • Approximate range: 300 miles

Sachs Shocks

Sachs® Shocks

Sachs Shock

Custom-Tuned Sachs® Shocks

Found on premium automotive brands around the world including Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce and Maserati, Sachs shocks are standard on FCCC walk-in van chassis. Used with all suspensions, they absorb and dissipate energy from bumps and road irregularities for longer chassis life and a smooth, comfortable ride.