LPG Overview

LPG Overview

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG), or propane autogas, is created by refining petroleum or natural gas. When used to fuel internal combustion engines, LPG reduces nitrogen oxide and carbon emissions, making it a cleaner-burning fuel than diesel or gasoline. Although LPG has a lower energy content than traditional internal combustion engine fuels, LPG vehicles are less expensive to operate due to the lower cost of the fuel and fewer associated maintenance costs. LPG vehicles deliver approximately the same power, acceleration and cruising speed as traditionally powered vehicles.

The S2G truck is powered by a Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) system. LPI is a fully integrated and factory-installed propane autogas fuel system; no aftermarket modifications are required. It’s a factory-engineered solution with numerous benefits.


V8 “Big Block” LPI Engine

The FCCC S2G’s 8-liter, 339 hp at 4100 rpm engine is supplied by Powertrain Integration, with a proven long block as its core. The engine can provide 495 lb/ft of torque at 3100 rpm, and its factory-installed liquid propane system is not a ship-through or aftermarket installation, which ensures seamless integration and consistent quality.

Driver Comfort

Driver Comfort

The FCCC S2G incorporates the Freightliner S2 cab, which features a sloped, forward-tilting hood for superior visibility and easy engine access.

Additional Features/Frame Rails

Frame Rails

Constructed of 120KSI steel, the frame rails of the S2G are built for rugged durability.

Suspension Components



Premium chassis start with premium components. FCCC builds with only the best brakes, shocks and tires.




S2G Rear Suspension


Detroit rear axles equipped with multi-leaf spring or the Airliner Air Ride suspension provide an overall smooth ride.


Front Suspension


Up to 55° wheel cut offers industry-leading maneuverability compared to traditional automotive-style pick-up truck cab configuration. Combined with Detroit front axles and taper-leaf spring suspension, the S2G provides a smooth ride.



State-of-the-art Allison six-speed transmissions set the standard for exceptional performance and fuel economy.



The S2G commercial truck features the only factory-installed propane autogas engine available to the medium-duty truck market.