S2G – Transmissions

Available Transmissions


2300 RDS
2350 HS
2350 RDS with PTO provision

Transmission models may vary based on other components selected.

To review specs and information on particular Allison transmissions, visit their website.

MT – Driver Confidence

Driver Confidence

Electronic Instrument Cluster

All MT chassis come with a standard multiplex wiring instrument cluster and message center with full feature electronic gauge cluster—including fuel and DEF levels, coolant temperature, engine-oil pressure and speedometer—providing accurate, instant feedback. The vehicle information display monitors engine and transmission diagnostics and 30 separate chassis functions.

50-Degree Wheel Cut

The MT chassis offers a tight turning radius. Enhanced maneuverability means you’ll be able to better negotiate your way through narrow city streets and alleys.

Ride and Drive Video

Ride and Drive

The propane autogas-powered S2G bobtail was available for ride-and-drives at the 2013 Work Truck Show, and it garnered rave reviews. Here are a few of the highlights.

S2G Overview Video

S2G Overview

See what makes the S2G unique among alternative fuel delivery vehicles.

S2G vs F-650

S2G vs F-650

When the S2G goes head-to-head with the Ford F-650, the Real Work Truck becomes clear.



  • 23% larger interior space than F-650, giving your drivers and equipment the space to comfortably finish the job
  • Our easy-tilt hood with gas shocks requires 16 lbs less pull force than the F-650 and offers a dampening device that minimizes rapid closures, reducing damage or potential injury
  • Multiplex and interlock wiring for easy serviceability and improved safety, which is not offered on the F650



  • More Profit – With a GVWR of 33,000 – 3,000 lbs more GVWR than F-650 – the S2G delivers more profit equaling 700+ gallons of propane autogas more per daily route; greater torque for power to climb and quicker acceleration insures the extra work gets done in a timely manner
  • Peak horsepower at lower rpm for better economy for an increased bottom line
  • 8.0L V8 engine with factory-installed propane autogas system that isn’t a ship through or aftermarket installation, ensuring complete integration and consistent quality control



  • Over 30% larger windshield combined with sloped hood for over an 8-foot better line of sight than F-650
  • Optional air disc brakes for a shorter stopping distance and less brake fade
  • 3-piece bumper with breakaway bolts to minimize potential tire damage and quicker replacement
  • 55-degree wheel cut has a better turning radius, reducing the need to back-up and minimizing potential accidents

Monroe Shocks

Monroe® Shocks

Sachs Shock

Monroe® Shocks

Monroe® shock absorbers are built for durability, even with the demands of high mileage and severe use.

Alternative Power



Freightliner Custom Chassis is a longtime and accomplished leader in the development of alternative fuel chassis, having offered both LPG and CNG chassis for more than a decade.

With a focus on reducing category emissions pollutants, carbon dioxide and fuel consumption, FCCC began developing alternative fuel vehicles in the mid-90s, when we started offering compressed natural gas (CNG) and LPG chassis to the commercial bus market. FCCC also introduced the CNG-fueled walk-in van chassis in 1996, as well as the first hybrid-electric chassis to the walk-in van industry in 2001. FCCC’s hybrid-electric commercial bus chassis, MB-HEV, and ecoFRED, the motorhome industry’s first hybrid-electric chassis, were both introduced in 2008. In 2009, FCCC launched its HHV hydraulic hybrid chassis, which captures and stores hydraulic energy to power the vehicle without the engine. FCCC unveiled its all-electric MT-EV walk-in van chassis in 2010.