MT Cockpit

The FCCC walk-in van cockpit is designed to ensure your driver is as safe, comfortable and efficient as possible.

Driver Comfort

TRW Steering Column

TRW Infinitely Adjustable Steering Column

Infinitely adjustable tilt-and-telescoping steering column provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for drivers of all shapes and sizes.


  • Infinite adjustment to any position
  • Increased structure with reduced lash
  • Designed for global applications
  • Available with a variety of release options
  • Double-pivot design provides smooth adjustment

Driver Position

  • Ergonomic – Keeps driver engaged and energetic
  • Upright – Allows knees to handle over 100 stops per day
  • Easy access to controls – Eyes stay on the road
  • Better Visibility – Easily avoid obstacles

Driver Confidence

Electronic Instrument Cluster

All MT chassis come with a standard multiplex wiring instrument cluster and message center with full feature electronic gauge cluster—including fuel and DEF levels, coolant temperature, engine-oil pressure and speedometer—providing accurate, instant feedback. The vehicle information display monitors engine and transmission diagnostics and 30 separate chassis functions.

50-Degree Wheel Cut

The MT chassis offers a tight turning radius. Enhanced maneuverability means you'll be able to better negotiate your way through narrow city streets and alleys.